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The Fireman Who Loved Me (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #1)
Jennifer Bernard
A Weaver Beginning - Allison Leigh I really enjoyed this very much.Full review coming up.ARC courtesy to Harlequin via NetGalley

Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower - Eloisa James 3 Stars This is my first read from Eloisa James that i did not liked and couldn't connect with the characters and the subject. A very poor subject in my opinion and i wouldn't recommend it.
Sinister Kisses (SKALS, #1) - Adriana Noir DNF at 60%I can take anything from a book but when the hero hits the heroine. I AM DONE. If YOU LOVE SOME1 YOU DON'T HIT THAT PERSON NOT MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. He is a totally asshole and i am done with this book and this series. Isa you are in for a big mouth off tomorrow!!! Get ready!!!
Surrender (Surrender, #1) - Melody Anne Freebie from Amazon UKhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Surrender-ebook/dp/B00C4CSJCI/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1378259801&sr=1-1&keywords=melody+anne+surrenderAlso at Amazon.comhttp://www.amazon.com/Surrender-ebook/dp/B00C4CSJCI/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1378259528&sr=1-1&keywords=melody+anne+surrender+seriesand Kobohttp://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/surrender

Baby Girl (Erik Ead, #1)

Baby Girl (Erik Ead, #1) - Scott Hildreth This book is a NO, NO for me from the moment i saw how an author behaves towards one of my fellow readers on GR when he sees the review from some1 who paid for the book and wrote they honest opinion about it.Note to author.When you decided it to become an author you should know that not everyone might like your work so YOU NEED TO LEARN TO TAKE IT IN THE CHIN and GET OVER IT other wise you will get your self an ULCER LOL
Homecoming Ranch - Julia London Not finished yet, i will get back to it later.
A Most Devilish Rogue - Ashlyn Macnamara DNF at 20%.I quite liked the spoiler of this book but till in the end didn't worked out for me. As i wouldn't want to spoil the book for other people who might enjoy it so i won't write a review and rate it.ARC courtesy to Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley
The Runaway Duchess - Jillian Eaton 4.5 StarsIt has been a while since i read a historical romance and i am pleased to say that i really enjoyed this one. I wanted to read one of this books for such a long time but i couldn't find one to attract and pick my interest till i saw this one on amazon and i don't regret it at all.If you are in a mood for a historical book with a witty and feisty heroine, this is the one to get. Lady Charlotte Vanderley, in our case here, doesn't back down from anyone and anything and gives back as good as she gets from the moody and cold Gavin Graystone. Even if he hasn't been born in nobility he craves it and wants to be one of the and what better way to be one of them if not thru marriage. Gavin gives Charlotte the escapes she needs forced by her mother to marry an ugly and old duke and in exchange he thinks he will get what he wants. But nothing goes according to Gavin's plan cause life and love has a different plan for them. I adore this book and i couldn't put it down till i finish it. I was captivated by the characters, the story and the plot and i am very sorry to rate this book only 4.5 but i did that only for the reason that in my opinion the end has been rushed and that this cover does not make justice to it. In the rest everything was perfect.Recommend it read.

Deception Cove (Rainshadow, #2; Harmony, #10)

Deception Cove (Rainshadow, #2; Harmony, #10) - Jayne Castle 4 StarsJayne Ann Krentz it's one of my fave authors in PNR world. From the first moment when i read the first book in the Arcane Society i was captivated and sucked into it.Deception Cove is the 2 book in the Rainshadow series and the 10 book in the Harmony series and it's fair to say that i like it and enjoy reading it.The only thing that did not worked for me it was the connection and the chemistry between the characters, it wasn't there as in the other books.One of the other things i noticed lately is that the love and the sex scene they are more and more rarely or sometime non existent in the latest books published and i am quite disappointed by that but you can still enjoy them with out.If you are a fan of Jayne Ann Krentz in any of her pen names this is another great book you can't miss reading.

Who We Are

Who We Are - T.J. Klune 4 Stars
The 51st Thursday - Mercy Celeste 4 Stars
Cop Out - K.C. Burn 4 Stars
Lost Won (Liaisons #3) - S.E. Culpepper 4 Stars
Question Mark - S.E. Culpepper 4 Stars
Private Eye (Liaisons #1) - S.E. Culpepper 4 Stars
Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II (Special Forces, #2 part 2) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan 5 Full StarsYet again i seat here and i wonder if i am truly sick in my head. How can i like this book or this series in general??? But the answer it's yes i fucking loved it and i still don't understand why. It's like something pulls me towards Vadim and Dan. They are such a fucked up couple but in their way they make it work. One thing i have to rant about it. And will be a big one. But that doesn't mater really cuz i still rated this book a 5 stars. One thing i could never ever understand it's how they "cheating", screwing around with other people. Don't get me wrong the sex it's still great apart of 2 scenes of the book which i found them pretty hard to read the sex scenes between Vadim and Hooch and Dan and Vadim in Germany with lots of kink but in my opinion if you love someone you don't have sex with other people but Dan and Vadim they are a different story and that's makes them even more special. This series it's just to awesome not to be read and if you like m/m and haven't done yet you are missing a treat.