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Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II (Special Forces, #2 part 2) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan 5 Full StarsYet again i seat here and i wonder if i am truly sick in my head. How can i like this book or this series in general??? But the answer it's yes i fucking loved it and i still don't understand why. It's like something pulls me towards Vadim and Dan. They are such a fucked up couple but in their way they make it work. One thing i have to rant about it. And will be a big one. But that doesn't mater really cuz i still rated this book a 5 stars. One thing i could never ever understand it's how they "cheating", screwing around with other people. Don't get me wrong the sex it's still great apart of 2 scenes of the book which i found them pretty hard to read the sex scenes between Vadim and Hooch and Dan and Vadim in Germany with lots of kink but in my opinion if you love someone you don't have sex with other people but Dan and Vadim they are a different story and that's makes them even more special. This series it's just to awesome not to be read and if you like m/m and haven't done yet you are missing a treat.