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The Runaway Duchess - Jillian Eaton 4.5 StarsIt has been a while since i read a historical romance and i am pleased to say that i really enjoyed this one. I wanted to read one of this books for such a long time but i couldn't find one to attract and pick my interest till i saw this one on amazon and i don't regret it at all.If you are in a mood for a historical book with a witty and feisty heroine, this is the one to get. Lady Charlotte Vanderley, in our case here, doesn't back down from anyone and anything and gives back as good as she gets from the moody and cold Gavin Graystone. Even if he hasn't been born in nobility he craves it and wants to be one of the and what better way to be one of them if not thru marriage. Gavin gives Charlotte the escapes she needs forced by her mother to marry an ugly and old duke and in exchange he thinks he will get what he wants. But nothing goes according to Gavin's plan cause life and love has a different plan for them. I adore this book and i couldn't put it down till i finish it. I was captivated by the characters, the story and the plot and i am very sorry to rate this book only 4.5 but i did that only for the reason that in my opinion the end has been rushed and that this cover does not make justice to it. In the rest everything was perfect.Recommend it read.