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Within Reach - Sarah Mayberry when i start reading this book i was impressed that the author started the book with billie bithday party when she dies of undiagnosed congenital hear defect leaving Michael with 2 kids to bring up.as advanced i got in the book it was obvious that they will start to get attract to each other and was nothing wrong with that.I liked the way she described michaels feelings nd angie's, they feeling that they were going to betraied billie even if she was dead and they never been attracted to each other before.in the night when he was out and went to her appartmen after the whild sex they had and feel asleep next to her and waking up thinking that he was next to billie i thought that was fantastic will be natural for him to think that after 6 yrs of marriage it was his wife and being the first woman he sleep it after Billie die but i still think he was an ass they way he left with out thinking at angie's feelings.I also liked that he had the courage to take her to bed and make love to her in the bed he sleep it and made love to his wife like alot that he realised that she means something to him that don't feel right to have just sex that he wanted more.i loved when michael realised that he loved angie and he went to say goodbye to billie before he confesed to angie that he loved her and everything felt wrong with out her.after i finish this book i realised that it's seems familiar with the book of linda howard Sarah's child with some bits different but overall i like it was a good read but for me had something missing.