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Rocky Mountain Heat (Six Pack Ranch Series #1)

Rocky Mountain Heat - Vivian Arend Rocky Mountain Heat is the first book from the Six Pack Ranch series. A good book with sexy cowboys and hot sex.Blake Coleman is the oldest out of 6 Coleman brothers and wants to act like one when he thinks of sweet Jaxi his sexy neighbour, with blonde hair and long legs that goes forever.But Jaxi has other plans for him and when she ends up living right under his nose she will do everything possible to make Blake see her her for wot she is a grown up woman not his little sister. Can Blake finally let go all of his issue and go after wot he wants???I am not sure how can i start to describe my feelings for this book. The book had everything wot i like but unfortunately didn't worked out for me. I really really find no chemistry or no connection between Blake and Jaxi at all and the sex scenes i did not find them sexy. To be honest i didn't find Jaxi interested at all, and the whole thing with brothers kissing her before Blake did really rub me the wrong way. I got really frustrated when Jaxi used Travis cause she couldn't had Blake, that's really lame.I loved Blake he is so sexy sweet and tender, thinking that he is too old for her and trying to do the right thing. When he start wooing Jaxi my heart melt way, how sweet of him to do that for her and in special he said no sex OMG i was deeply moved.I am very sorry that this book didn't worked out for me even if had the right ingredients: a sexy cowboy and a sweet sexy heroine which everyone loved.