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Here Comes the Bride (Modern Arrangements, #2)

Here Comes the Bride (Modern Arrangements, #2) - Sadie Grubor,  Monical Black Re-read 20.03.2013 I have to admit the second book in the series was much better than the first one after a second read. I usual ask myself why i didn't like that book when every1 loves it so i had a re read on it today and i enjoy it more than at the first read.First of off all i LOVE Aidan, wow the guy can actually be sweet and kind i never expected that from him.But Lillian she is quite some1 why does she had to over think everything on and on and not really giving Aidan a chance and thinking bad about him at all times.Unfortunately as in the first book i don't find that much chemistry between them and not many sparks flying but over all an ok read.