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Fastball - V.K. Sykes Freebie from Smashwords !!!1 Poor StarI get quite excited when i am getting ready to read a book with sport mans but this one totally didn't worked out for me. As much as i tried i couldn't get into it or connect with the characters what's so ever. This story just didn't seem real to me and i am sorry to say that but not good at all. When i read a book and i said this many times before i like to find in it a connection and chemistry between the MC's and in here i could not find any sparkles between them at all. I love to read love scenes but in this book i just skipped most of them (not cause they were many) but they just didn't do anything for me at all. As i don't know much at all about baseball i can't comment on the actually story to see if was some were near to reality but over all this was a quite a dreadful read and skipped mostly thru it.