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Raid - Kristen Ashley Raid is the 3 book in the series Unfinished Hero by Kristen Ashley and as usual she delivers an amazing story as we are used to. Hanna Boudreaux is sweet and cute and she had a crushed on Raiden Miller since she was 6 years old, but soon she will have to realised that her and Raid will never happen and to move on. Raiden Miller is the town hero, an ex marine, he comes back as a hero but surrounded in mystery. Takes him a while to notice Hanna but eventually it happens. But the question is why after all this years? Did he finally realised how sweet she is or he is interested to get close to her for another reason? I loved this book and i love the story and the plot. Raid was the typical alpha male as KA got us used to. A man hunted by nightmares from his career as a marine after he returns home, takes as a full job being a bounty hunter after one of his buddy hooked him with another bounty hunter Deacon.From here we can guess why Hanna got under his radar and why he noticed her. Working a job for his buddy Knight and Creed, discovers her involvement and he doesn't believe that sweet Hanna has no connection with wot's going on and to prove that she is clean. Everything blows up when Hanna heard him speaking on the phone and she thinks he played her. "You heard me on the phone" She visibly swallowed.Her shoulder hit the doorway to the back hall and she shifted sideways. Raid followed her. "You came to the table and lied thru your teeth, right in my face" "You told me you had a goddamned headache, which worried me, then you pressed tight to me, giving me your mouth and takin' it away, a bullshit bitch tease move I didn't know you had it to execute." "I wasn't teasing you." "What was that shit than?" "A good-bye kiss. "What?" "Raiden, the gig is up." "The gig is up?" "Yes."Hanna is hilarious,goofy, sweet and funny i laughed so hard when i was reading this. As they carry on arguing gets even more hilarious only KA can make you laugh when 2 people are arguing. "Baby, it's jig," he corrected her. "Sorry?" "The jig is up, not the gig," he told her "Seriously? You're correcting my street lingo?" "Think that street lingo was the street lingo about 8 decades ago, Hanna. So now it's just lingo." "Now you're giving me a street lingo history lesson?"He lost patience with Hanna Boudreaux being cute. "Why are we talkin' about this shit?"After all this drama, Raid explains to Hanna how things are, and makes her believe that he is into her. "You thought you were ending this earlier," he noted. "So why did u give me the afghan?" "I don't know. Maybe i was being my usual idiot and wanted to give you something to remember me. Maybe, even with what i thought you were doing, I knew you were partial good guy, what with offering to take care of Gram's yard and all, and i wanted to give you something back. The only thing that i had to give. Something that would keep you warm. But really, I don't know. I just.. did it." "Glad you did it honey," he replied. "Me too," she said.But enough with the spoilers, you really need to read this book. Another fab book from KA which will make you even more addicted.Are not many words that i can find to describe this book, just: AMAZING, SWEET, FUNNY and all the package that comes into a KA book. If you are a KA addicted you need to read this ASAP and if you not a KA addicted than you don't know wot you missing.