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Devotion (Club Destiny, #5) - Nicole Edwards 4.5 StarsI think by now i made my self clear that from all the couples so far from any of Nicole Edwards books Luke, Sierra and Cole they are my fave and i deeply loved both of there books but Devotion it was by far the best out of them 2 and in my opinion the best book from Nicole. This 3 characters are very special. Luke it's so dark sometime and moody when Cole it's trying to please every1 around him apart of himself and Sierra is doing her best to stand and support both of her mans.From the beginning i loved Cole he is def my fave out of 2 of them. He it's just amazing. In the first book i was disappointed not reading so much about him but in this one has def it's much more than i expected. I loved how he come out of his self, finally, and how Luke gave in to him in all aspects. Letting Cole to top him and submit to him and discussing with him every other aspect of there life. I must say that this book it was fucking hot. The chemistry between the 3 it's really off the charts and the actually book it's written very good with tremendous dialogs. The sex scenes were really intense, sexy, sweet and everything you want to have when you read a book and you expect to read some awesome sex scenes. I still stand by my first opinion that this would've made an awesome and un-freaking-believable-hot m/m book. “Why’d you come? Don’t you have a club to run?” Cole’s words were laced with venom, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what part of his problem was.“You’re more important to me than my club,” Luke told him, keeping his voice low and steady.“Am I?”Luke wanted to retaliate, to snap at Cole the way he was snapping at him, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He knew what he’d put Cole through for the longest time. He didn’t need to be told that he wasn’t the easiest man to get close to. He knew that about himself. Except when it came to Cole and Sierra, but even that hadn’t been an easy point to get to for him. Only now, Luke wanted them to be as close as he could get them.“Yes, you are,” he responded, taking a few steps closer to where Cole was now staring out the window at the little bowl of water that the hotel proclaimed to be a pool.“I told you why I came, now I want to know why you ran,” Luke whispered, his breath warm against Cole’s ear.Cole instinctively shrugged his shoulders, signifying he didn’t have an answer. He immediately felt Luke’s grip tighten briefly before releasing, letting him know without words that he wasn’t satisfied with that answer.“I know this has nothing to do with Hannah or Sierra, so I can only assume it’s between you and me. Am I right?”Cole pulled away, managing to ease from between Luke’s body and the wall in front of him before pacing to the other side of the room.“I’m not sure it is about you, Luke. Maybe it’s about me,” Cole said, not looking directly at him, but feeling the other man’s eyes tracking him.“What does that mean?”“It means that you and Sierra aren’t the only two in this relationship, but maybe I’m wondering why that is.” Before Cole could begin his next sentence, he found himself slammed up against the wall, Luke’s hard, ungiving form restraining him, his hand flat against his throat, his thumb and forefinger cupping his jaw, forcing him to look at him. Luke wasn’t hurting him, but Cole instantly went on the defensive, fighting back the urge to retaliate.“Don’t say it.” Luke’s voice broke, although he tried to hide the emotion.Cole felt the answering emotion well up inside of him, and he immediately had to blink several times to keep the tears at bay. He felt so lost, so confused, but as he looked into Luke’s bright eyes, he wondered if he had imagined it all.“You’re in this because we love you. And yes, before you say otherwise, I do love you,” Luke said, his voice still gruff. “I don’t want you wondering why.”“How can I not?” Cole questioned him. “I feel like the fucking third wheel, dammit.”Luke let him go, stepping back and staring at him as though he’d just spouted a third eyeball. “What the fuck? What have we ever done to make you feel like that?”Cole watched Luke’s face, his incredulity clearly reflected on his stern, yet concerned face. “Let’s see,” Cole barked. “Could it be that neither one of you can make time for me? It’s like I’m a second thought, something else always seems to be more important. Did you ever notice how you will drop everything when Sierra wants to see you? You don’t do it for me, Luke. Something always gets in the way, whether it’s the club or Trent or now Xander. It’s as though the rest of the world can’t survive without you, but I’m supposed to sit back and wait until everyone else is through with you to get my turn.”“I –” Luke’s mouth abruptly closed.“You what? You don’t find some way to keep yourself busy, unable to give me your undivided attention unless you’re ready? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s exactly what happens. I’m the third wheel in this, Luke. I’m sick and fucking tired of coming last. I’m tired of being the fall guy, coming to everyone else’s rescue all the damn time and still waiting for someone to rescue me.” The last word damn near escaped on a sob as a lump formed in Cole’s throat. He hadn’t meant to say quite so much, but it was exactly how he felt.“I was hoping I’d imagined it all. I wanted to be the selfish asshole who was looking for more than he was getting, but I’m not, am I, Luke? I’m no one’s priority.”“Bullshit,” Luke barked, the word choppy and broken as he took one step closer. Then another. “You’re my priority. Always my priority.”“Yeah?” Cole didn’t back down as Luke slowly moved forward. He could see the emotion finally taking Luke the same as it had him the more he thought about it. “You’ve got a funny way of showing it.”“Ever wonder how I feel?” Luke asked, and Cole couldn’t hide his own surprise.“Did it ever cross your mind that I’m the one everyone seems to come to when they have a problem? I’m the one everyone expects to take charge and make things right. Did it?”