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Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby 4 starsI liked this book, with steamy hot sex, good story which felt real, a hot guy and a sweet innocent female character. Luke is a ex actor and works as a producer now running away from the spot light and Nat is a photography artist. I liked they meeting her being clueless who he is and him thinking she is a paparazzi.They story felt so real to me it a sort of thing that i will do, not big on movies but they way Luke was, so sweet, so modest trying to have a normal life to be liked for the person he is not for his fame.I had two problems with this book: 1. the word beautiful really did my head in i just couldn't stand it to see it so many times.2. I would've like it to see more from Luke's point not just at the end.I love a book who is written from both side of point of the characters.