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Blood Possession - Tessa Dawn This book def deserves 5 out of 5 startsBlood Possession in my opinion is the best book of this series.The story it's so emotional, intense, dark nd really cruel that sometime i find it hard to read how well Tessa Dawn described it.I am very impressed by Napolean Mondragon nd Brooke Adams story just the right one for a king.Napolean Mondragon is not just a vampire he is the king of the house of Jadon. Brooke Adams is a senior account rep for Primar company, she is in dark moon vale for a business conference but little she knows that this trip will change all her life.Napolean abducts Brooke from the cab when his birth constellation Andromeda appears and finds out that Brooke it's his destiny.Even before they have time to know each other and to convert her into a vampire the "dark ones" are planing to kill Napolean by possession and rape Brooke.This was the best part of book and the most intense when Mackari and the rest are making a plan to save they king and his mate.When the dark one takes possession of Napolean body he converts Brooke in a cruel way but before he rapes her nd leaves her pregnant Napolean spirit take's her with him so she dosen't feel the pain when she is being beeten and rape by the dark one.after they saved Napolean Nackari remains stuck in the other life with the dark one not finding the power to fight to come back.Brooke Nd Napolean heals bk just in time for the birth of they twins when Napolean has to sacrifice the dark one and Brooke ask him to put her to sleep not 2 see it and feel anything.After the birth Brooke realise that all she wanted was a family and some one to protect her and that's wot she got now.Nackari's family is stugules with the pain that he didn't come bk yet when Brooke's friend comes to rescue her friend with a team which hunts vampires and the wifes of marquis nd Nathaniel get's hurt and they kill the hunters and captures Tiff. She has a gift by seeing in her dreams the future nd the past so they can't erase her memory.Brooke meets with her friend and all it well apart of Nackari not being back yet.