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Stranded (Night Calls, #1) - J.C. Valentine 3.5 starts Stranded it's a very sweet story a bit too short for my liking were the story is developing too quick but overall was a good read i enjoy it.Felix it's a literary agent divorced for a few yrs happy with his life jumping in bed with a different woman every night afraid to start another relationship.Poppy is recently divorced after discovered her husband was keeping another woman on the side so after a messy divorce she decided she needs a change and moves in the country side were she keeps company with her dog Bo and her books.On his way back from a writers convention Felix has an accident falling a sleep while he was driving and after he get's out of a car in pain and agony he sees the light of Poppy's house when he only needs a phone to make a phone call but fate made another decision for hm when in door way appears a tiny woman who puts his blood in fire like no woman did lately.i have to admit the author made a good job writing this story as i loved the hot sex they had i do love indeed a book who has great sex :)so after a hot night spent together it's a new thing for both of them.Felix is used 2 ditch the woman and leave straight away not stay all night with her he gets scared of how good he felt and runs away from Poppy. Poppy didn't understand why Felix run from hot to cold in just a second and left but life carry's on as she decided 2 get bk into the world and get a job.At this point i see this coming that they will meet again and the only difference was that Mr. Bradshaw is Felix associate.Life can be a bitch for Poppy at this moment but Felix can't be more than happy to meet the woman who wanted to seek later and give a chance to start something new together.As i said before my only problem bout this book is that develop to quick and the story run 2 fast but i enjoy it.ARR courtesy of Tana from Making Connections YA Edition