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Dream Eyes - Jayne Ann Krentz Full reviewI would make this short and sweet as are not many words to describe this book. In just 1 word "AWESOME". As I am a huge fan of JAK and i read 99.9% of her books and for me no other author writes paranormal romance like she does.From the beginning when i picked up the book i got caught into the characters, i could feel the chemistry between Gwen and Judson and the connection they had thru they psychic powers and the feelings they start to have and how they have to learn to trust each other.The story it's well written with a good back ground from reality.I love a a strong and witty female like Gwen who knows wot she wants and how to fight for it and a bad hot ass like Judson who dosen't give up easy when he wants something and he wants Gwen.I recommend this book to every one who likes paranormal romance.