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Fair Game - Josh Lanyon 4.5 starsThis is my first book read by Josh Lanyon and i have to say 1000's of thx to Baba cuz i saw it at her when she read it, and def won't be the last one by him.Is not many words you can describe this book so i will keep it short and sweet.AMAZING. The main reason i loved this book is the emotional side which i though was amazing how the author described Elliot emotions bout his ex job, his present job and bout Tucker.You don't need 2 read reviews to make your mind up: just read it and you going to find out.I gave only 4.5 stars to this book only for the reason that the author didn't write anything from Tucker side i would've loved to read something from his point of view.I recommend this book to any1 who like m/m u won't be disappointed.