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One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (The Rules of Scoundrels #2) - Sarah MacLean UNBELIEVABLE and UTTERLY AMAZING""Shall i repeat myself?" she asked when he said nothing else?He did not reply .Repetition was unnecessary. Lady Philipa Marbury's request was fairly burned into his memory.Nevertheless, she lifted one hand pushed her spectacles back on her nose, and took a deep breath ." I require ruination."One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, is the second book from The Rules of Scoundrels and Sarah MacLean as usual didn't disappoint her readers.This book has everything what you will love in a book: sensuality, humor, sarcasm.Lady Philippa Marbury is engaged to be married with Lord Castleton with in 14 days and she would like to do some research for the marriage bed and who is the best person to learn from than the most notorious rake of London Mr. Cross. Cross is one of the four owners of The Fallen Angel the most famous gambling hell in London and he is as well Jasper Arlesey the earl of Harlow. Six years ago when his brothers Baine dies he blames himself and years later he still try to pay for his sin.I loved this book, absolutely fabulous. Funny, witty and romantic. I couldn't believe how sweet and sensual Cross was when he made love for the first time with Pippa. Pippa consider her self a odd person which prefers to study her flowers instead of being in ball room and she never expected to get married. I loved how witty she is, blunt and honest.I must admit that i love the books i read to be steaming hot, this one was just perfect even if didn't had many hot scenes.After waiting so long for this book to read it the waiting was definitely worth it. This is a must read book, you won't be disappointed.