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Promises in Every Star - Todd Gregory This book was provided by Net Galley for a honest reviewThis is a good collection of 19 short stories with 19 different couples which surprised me. I must admit that I was impressed with how well they are written and how much the author put in for how small they were. Some of the stories are funny or sad and some of them are quite wired and some are quite hot. It was much better than I was expected as in the beginning I thought it’s about the same character but in different situations. In some of the stories when the mens were going out to the club just to have a shag like we use in UK and felt a bit wrong but that’s cause I am not that sort of person to have a night stand.Promises in every star Dennis goes back to his hometown for a high school reunion; still thinking at his high school crushed Tony and how would might been.Tell me a lie Phil goes out to the club just to pick up a quick fuck but doesn’t really go as he would’ve liked.All the world’s a stageA club show with a drag queen, two hot guys selecting a guy from the crowed to have some hot sex on the scene for the crowed and a young boy who could be his son makes a good hot story.Angels don’t fall in loveA lonely man picks up a random guy on a night on his way home called Angel. This was such sweet story with hot sex but such a shame it was so short and with this end.Desire under the blanketsBlair is a brother in fraternity who falls in love with a new recruit but he is scared to do something about it because he doesn’t want his brothers to discover he is guy.Disaster ReliefAfter hurricane Katrina an inspector from Fema comes to inspect the house for damages but by the time they go upstairs he gets to be the inspector.PhenomThis is by far the best out of all this stories. A hot sexy read with a man who has a crush on Billy Chastain a baseball player, who doesn’t likes baseball but he goes at every match only to see him and lusting after him thinking that he is way out of his league. After the last match of the season he goes in the club near the stadium for a couple of drinks before heading home to get lost in thoughts about Billy. And while drinking his beer he gets the shock of his life when Billy steppes at the bar.Billy knows exactly who he is and saw him to his matches and invites himself over to his place for a beer. After they get there they have hot and frenetic sex, Billy wants to spend the night there and they fall asleep cuddling together.I loved the fact that the author finished the story like he did not knowing for definitely what happens in the morning.Oh,What a friend i have in JesusI wasn't very fond of the name of this story, i am not a religious person but to use the name Jesus in a erotica story felt totally wrong but a pretty good story with hot sex.A man is forced by his friend to take a cruise and find it very boring till he meets with a dancer in one of the port and he has the best sex of his life.Son of a preacher manAndy and Jamie are 2 teenage neighbours with strict parents, in special Andy which is the son of the preacher. He hates his dad and does everything wot he not suppose to behind his back and can't wait till they finish school and they can leave. What happens in this story on a night when they are sneaking out of they houses is totally wrong (Andy drags Jamie in to the church and they have sex) and very wired. This really didn't work for me, i found it very very wrong.The pool BoyA man goes thru a hard patch in his relation after being together for 10 years when he finds out that his boyfriend is cheating on him. But he takes his revenge on his cheating boyfriend with the pool boy and has the best sex like he didn't had with his boyfriend and how sweet his revenge was.The sound of a soul cryingGalen has erotic dreams every night leaving him with bad head aches about a blonde man who he thinks is real till one night going home from work he sees him on the street and than he can't wait to have dreams about him and when that happen they can actually speak to each other, feel each other and in they dream they spend an amazing night. One night Galen decides to go for a drink after work and how he enjoys his beer next to him comes the man from his dreams and everything becomes reality.The sea where it's Shallow Alexandros was swimming and he watching a couple sitting on the. After he introduce himself to them and find out what's the problem he decides they need his help. This was such an amazing sweet and hot threesome and i loved it as normally i am not a big fun of them. This story definitely deserves to be read.UnsentThis is the story of a boy Tommy writing a letter to a guy he meet in a bar Todd who joins the army cause he is gay and he thinks that will make a man out of him. Such an amazing beautiful story in just few pages and written so good. I really enjoy it.Man in a SpeedoA wired story with a man who is obsessed with a man who wears a yellow speedo. I really couldn't get into it and the story was so wired.Wrought iron laceThis story it's about a man who after a car accident it's stuck in his flat not being able to move his leg and he watches his new sexy neighbour moving and even more than that.The Porn King and IThe story of a man who buy's a porno movie with the star of porno movies and he get's himself off watching it.Will you love me in September?The story of a man who has a relationship with a guy Kevin who lives miles away from him at the moment and he has a one night stand and now he feels guilty cause that will destroy the man who loves him and he realised he loves him back.This is such a bitter story for me cause of the cheating.BloodlettingThe story of a vampire who wants to test his limits how long he can go with out feeding, till one night when the need over takes over him and he start to follow a random man from the street, but he is being approached by Jared an old friend and he can't control himself and start feeding from him. But not everything goes according to the plan and his wounds won't close up so he takes him home to figured out wot he will do next.Someone to lay down besides meAn usual story about a man being in love with his friend but he wants just a friendship, so he picks up a random guy to go home and have some mind blowing sex.I really loved some of the stories and i enjoyed them and for them this book really deserves to be read.