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The Fireman Who Loved Me (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #1)
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The Ultimate Kink - Cameron Dane Oh dear, How can i begin? I loved this book but i disliked like 40% of it when they were playing at the club. That shit was heavy, it was like i could feel the wip on my skin. Creepy. At one point i wanted to put in the folder with not finished but i wanted to know if Canin and Kasey are into the heavy Bdsm or he will heal her so when i couldn't read anymore so i skeeped some pages and i finish it. The story is really i felt for Kasey. For the lovers of this type of books it's amazing book. I enjoyed the end of the book and i am happy that they just liked to play and not to do the rest of the heavy BDSM that happened in the club. This series was recommend it to me by friend and when i read the description of this book i asked her:Hun how bad is this shit in this book?Her answered was: Just a little play not much. Since i started this book she hasn't answered my calls or txt. I am going to murder her 2morrow. I will never read anything she recommends me.