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Claim Me  - J. Kenner 4 emotional Stars Claim me is the 2 book from the Stark Trilogy and it picks right up when the first book ended when Blaine is adding the finish touches to the painting and Damien and Nikki's agreement almost coming to an end, but neither of them wants to let go and together they will join an emotional journey to discover if there is more between them than an agreement. As we all know Damien has secrets from his past and he is not quite ready to share them yet with Nikki. Nikki is still tortured by her past and when the paparazzi found out about the painting things get's even worse but Damien understand and helps her and he feels guilty as well cause he is causing her this pain. I absolutely adored their love making, hot, sweet, mind blowing and kinky but kinky in a good way. I loved how controlling and dominating he was but in the same time so thoughtful and a wonderful lover. They love making was really off the charts, right off my street, how i like it when i read a book The ending is like a cliffhanger after Nikki finally found wot his big secret was, having to actually fight Damien to let her be with him, support him, in this difficult moments and not knowing wot the future will bring on for them, but at least Damien let's Nikki in don't matter wot the future will hold. I have to admit i really loved this book, but for me it's only a 4 starts just cuz sometimes i felt that the story was dragged a bit to much, and that frustrated me, and my main reason to say this is, in special how long it took till Nikki found out about his secret. I am pleasantly surprised how much i enjoyed reading this book like ALOT and i can't wait for the 3 instalment of this series and see wot J. Kenner has planned for Damien and Nikki. If you enjoy books similar book to Fifty Shades of Grey you really need to dig in into this series, but the only difference is that this is SO MUCH BETTER than Fifty Shades. You won't regret it. ARC courtesy from Random House Publishing Group via Net Galley. This review has been posted at http://romanceisoursecretpleasure.blogspot.co.uk