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Complete Me (#3 Stark Trilogy) - J. Kenner Full Review PostedReview posted at: http://romanceisoursecretpleasure.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/complete-me-by-j-kenner.html3 SAD AND DISAPPOINTED STARSME BEFORE I STARTED TO READ THIS BOOKME AFTER I READ ITTHIS SAYS IT ALLComplete Me it's the 3 book in the Stark Trilogy series and to be honest it wasn't what i expected. I was so excited waiting for this book, as this series it's one of my fave after FSoG but i was so disappointed when i start reading it, that at some point i really wanted to put it at DNF at how frustrated i was with Nikki.My thoughts1.My main issue with this book it was that i couldn't connect with it at all, none wot so ever. And i don't understand how could i like so much the previous 2 books and that have so many issue with the 3 book. 2. My second issue with this book was the actually characters, i know that Damien was a closed case and he was protecting his past but this suppose to be the end of this series and i thought he will finally open to Nikki. I thought when you LOVE some1 you let them in and share your most deep secrets with them,to take the burden of your shoulder or maybe i am wrong, but he was hiding them from Nikki and being more evasive about them, more than it did in the first 2 books.Nikki. Omg i think she was probably the most annoying heroine i read till now, even more annoying than Anastasia from FSoG, and when i say that most people will understand why i am saying it. She was living so much in her head and going round and round the bent that i thought: Is this the same heroine from the 1 and 2 book of this series? I was ready to pull my hair out how frustrated she made me while i read this book. It was just un-freaking-believeble, and not in the good way.3.The sex scenes. Not that you can actually call this sex or love or whatever you wanna call it. From the beginning i didn't found and felt no chemistry between the characters, and i thought maybe cause Damien it's going thru this shitty period, and i waited and hoped to find again the spark between them that i loved in the previous books. But unfortunately that did not happened. They were shagging each other all the time, every time Nikki was seeing Damien she just wanted to fuck him. Every time they were arguing and fighting they were going at it again. Wtf?? I know this suppose to be an erotica book, and it's fiction as well but still it has to be a little close to reality ,just a little at least. 4.I know many authors has got the idea from E.L. James to write this kind of books but this had to much of FSoG in it, way to much. And i will give couple of example: The fucked up ex girlfriend who tries to kill her self, the car being vandalised with paint, child molestation and so on.The list could carry on why i disliked at this book but i will stop here. I will just say that i am GUTTED cause i didn't connected and didn't liked this book. I was really looking forward to read it. But please take in consideration that this is just my opinion, and if you give this book a go you might like it. You never know.ARC Courtesy to Random House Publishing Group - Bantam Dell via NetGalley