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Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean 3 StarsI was looking forward reading this book. I can't say it's bad cuz it not but the writing it's all over the place and so repetitive. My main problem is that the author keeps repeating the points of view from each character and half of this book it's so unnecessary. For example you will read first Vince point and 50 pages later you will read the same thing again but from Quinn's point and not a lot of changes cuz is nothing else knew to find out and that's not all, the author will go back and like 3 chapters behind and i just didn't understood why he will do that. I have to say this is the first time i read this kind of book and hasn't really gone well for me. A the beginning i was very confused and took me a while to actually understand wot was going on and i found that pretty disturbing. In my opinion this book needs a good clean up from a good editor and make the author do small changes like not dragging this book so long when is not necessary and to stop skipping so much between the teh characters point of view. I would loved not to read the same thing again and again and the points from the characters to be more often and to be one after the other and a bit more often.I am not sure if i make sense of wot i am saying but i am a bit annoyed cuz this could've been such an amazing book.Overall the story and the plot are quite good. I love the chemistry between Vince and Quinn, they really hot and the sex is really amazing as well.