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Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg 3 StarsI wish i could rate this book higher and i wish this book end it as it began but unfortunately that did not happened.I am not quite sure why this book did not worked out for me, in special cause has the right ingredients to make it a winner for me: MI6, russian spies, sexy guys, hot sex but something didn't really add up and i am not sure wot exactly. I just feel that something was missing but i can't put my finger on it to pin point what or were exactly it went wrong.As the action in the book it's based in UK, mostly in London, when you add MI6 into the contest made this book even more tempting to read it. One of the reason being, i live in London and i love it here and i enjoy everything wot has to do with MI6, i think being an agent for MI6 sounds more sexy than FBI and CIA but that's just me.The character's had nice chemistry, the story and the plot was good as well and let's not talk about sex that was really awesome but in a way i felt the book was rushed at one point and in the same time a bit too long.But overall this book it was an enjoyable read and this is just my opinion and how i felt about it, other people might love it and will be a shame not to give it a go.