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Double Dealing: A Loveswept Classic Romance - Linda Cajio 3.5 StarsDouble dealing is a very sweet story, and a good plot i could say as i never guessed till at the end when was revealed. The book begins when Jed tries to sneak into Barkeley estate to speak with Merriman Barkeley the owner, to convince him to go thru with the deal to sell the estate to the company he works for. But he is in for a surprise when instead of him he finds his childhood friend Rae, Marrimam's niece and the new owner of the estate. When Rae turns down his offer to sell and Jed is not backing down, Rae comes up with a brilliant plan. To kidnapped Jed. Soon she realized wot a big mistake she made, so she decides to release him but Jed has others plans and he wants to stay kidnapped.I normally don't read this type of books, not enough steamy or complicated but i had fun reading this one. Simple for the reason that it was really funny and a very light read.Overall this book was a good read, i was pleasantly surprised how much i enjoyed it and if you are in a mood for a light read this is the perfect book.ARC courtesy to Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley