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Burn (Breathless, #3) - Maya Banks 4.5 StarsBurn is the last book in the Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks and in my opinion the best book of the series. I loved it. I have to say that i was very scared to read this book cause i wasn't sure that i would like it. From the first book of this series i knew that Ash it's a very intense guy and i didn't knew how heavy the BDSM would be but my hands down to MB how she created Ash story. He is so sexy, intense, dominant but the most important thing loving. I never thought he would be like that but once again MB proved wot a good author she is.Josie it's such an awesome character. Sexy, sweet, almost 100% confident but in the same time powerful with Ash. Let's be honest any woman will doubt being around a man with money for wot he wants her and she was entirely to think wot she was thinking but i love her for wot she was and wot she become and in wot she made Ash to be.The BDSM theme in the book is not as intense as i expected and i was very surprised by it but in the good. She created the right mixed between kinky hot sex and love making. I rated this book 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars just for the reason cause i didn't feel their chemistry all the way thru the book. Were moments when i did not feel the sexual attraction between them but that happened only once and only for couple of pages. Over all this book it's a must read. yet again another amazing story from the wonderful Maya Banks.