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Never Love a Highlander - Maya Banks 5 starsNever Love a Highlander is the 3 book from the McCabe Trilogy and in my opinion the best of this series. An amazing story with an amazing plot that had me captivated from the beginning to the end, i couldn't put it down till i finish it.Rionna McDonald its a beautiful lass, wild and strong minded who prefers to dress like a man and fight like an warrior princess instead of dressing like a lady and act like one. She is to be married with Alaric McCabe to create an alliance for her clan and fight against the number one enemy of McCabe's clan Duncan Cameron but with a twist of fate and love she ends up marrying the wrong brother.Caelen McCabe is a man hunted by the mistakes of his past and will do everything in his powers to make it right to his clan even if he has to marry, when he took a vow never to trust a woman again. This book has the perfect blend: romance, passion, honor and duty."I've never known such a fire and sweetness," he said behind clench teeth."You are a temptress, wife.'Tis the truth you kneel at my feet, but 'tis I who am for practical purpose at yours."I loved everything about this book: the story, the plot, how strong minded Rionna is but full of honor, doing her duty and wot was best for her clan.Caelen is a hard man and grumpy who scowls most of the time but sweet temptress Rionna makes him crazy desiring her and makes him change his mind.This story was so well written, Maya Banks lets me speechless how to describe her highlander books, they just gets better and better. The love scenes were so sweet and HOT that made me droll and be jealous of Rionna. It's been ages since i read such a hot book. I just didn't want to end.If you haven't read this book till now you need to start it ASAP. Will so worth it.