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Rush - Maya Banks 2.5 starsOmg how should i i start this review. this was a tough read, i sat there many times and asking my self why the heck do i carry on? From the beginning this book screamed "Fifyshades Of Grey" to me but Gabe beat Christian Grey in what an ass he is.Gabe, Jace and Ash are three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country, used to getting anything they want and Gabe wants Mia Crestwell his best friend baby sister.Gabe is a pretty fucked up asshole i do not have other words to describe him. He is a pretty dominant not in the heavy shit but into kink like to control his life outside and inside the bedroom. After his marriage end up pretty bad and his ex wife trash him he never starts a relationship with out a contract to protect himself. He desired Mia for a long time but he finally decides to take actions and offers Mia a contract and a job as his PA for cover to her brother Jace.Mia had a crush on his brother friend Game since she was sixteen but her attraction to him only grew higher as the time passed. One night when she went for the opening ball for they new hotel to speak with Jace Gabe surprise her by kissing her and orders her to be in his office the next day and than he offers her a contract and she takes the contract if that's the only way she can have him for a period of time till he moves to the next contract.Like i said earlier Gabe is such a fucked up asshole i never read a book who drove me to fucking wall like he did, an arrogant ass who doesn't respect Mia at all, he just fucks her hard, coming even before her, fucking her mouth like she was a whore i just felt like screaming at him when he keeps saying that he knows how bad he treats her and how he can't control himself around her but he never does something bout it. In the mean time his ex wife run out of money so she wants him back and after a visit from her right before he is getting ready to go to Paris for a business trip with Mia she tells him some things which leaves him very vulnerable and to prove himself that he doesn't love her he will hand her to other man's. I hate this part of the book i hardly could stand to carry on reading. It was awful, after he fucks her mouth he let's others to have they're way with her but with out penetrating her even his gut was screaming at him that was wrong that she was his and wot a coward he is he and gets ready to send them away, Mia screams when one of the men try to put his dick in her mouth and slaps her. When he realised how big he fucked up he start to look after her, treat her better and admitting that he loves her and he can never share her with another man.Wot the fuck is wrong with this guy?? Are u fucking serious?? You don't treat a woman like that doesn't matter the type of relation you have with her. You don't do this just to get it out of ur system cuz ur a coward and u scared. He never been kind to her or made love with her or treat her properly, he was only getting his pleasures.I loved how they relation progressed, doing normal things like a couple and how Gabe wants to prove to Mia that bondage can be sensual and passionate not something distasteful. I must admit i am not a big fan a BDSM but a little kink with pain free it's awesome just a little play between two people who likes to have pleasure in the bedroom. Shame that they been interrupted by Jace and Ash and here is the moment of truth and when the shit hits the fan.The end of the book was quite good and made a change for Gabe to suffer and crawl back to Mia to have him back.I am still annoyed with this book i waited so long for it and it was such a huge disappointment. I read most of the MB books but this one was a big let down. In my opinion this book doesn't worth recommended to any1.