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Aftermath - Cara Dee 5 StarsAs i am sitting right now at my laptop trying to put into words wot i am feeling after i finish this book i realized i just don't have the words to make justice to it so this will probably just going to be another of my rumbling reviews how much i loved it.I THINK BY NOW EVERYONE KNOWS THAT I AM A SUCKER FOR A GOOD M/M BOOK AND I HAVE TO SAY, THIS BOOK WAS REALLY, REALLY GOOD. BLEW MY MIND AWAY. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT ABOUT THIS BOOK: THE STORY LINE, THE CHEMISTRY, THE CONNECTION, THE DEEP FEELINGS BETWEEN THE MC'S, THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER AS FRIENDS, LOVERS AND PARTNERS. THEY WERE SWEET WITH EACH OTHER BUT DOMINATING IN THE SAME TIME. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WERE A SWITCH AND I FOUND THAT SO DAMN SEXY. The loves scenes they weren't many but they were really steamy, sexy, sweet and hot. If i wanted something more from this book that will be it, more love scenes but that's pretty much it.This book is definitely a recommended read!!!