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Sins from Her Past: Scandalous Series, Book 1

Sins From Her Past  - Jules Bennett 3.5 starsSin From The Past is a very emotional, heartbreaking story, sweet and pretty good written. Vincent Hawk is a sexy millionaire in the hotel business who loves his best friend sister for years but he never had the courage to say anything in respect for his friend but that changes when she moves back in town to start her own business and his friend ask him to give her a chance in his new resort.Evelyn Banks is a woman trapped in silence in her awful past that controls her life even now after many years. When she decided to move back home and start her own business her friend Vince Hawk the famous hotelier and asked her to work with him at his new resort she jumps at this opportunity. But can she control her feelings for him or face her past to be able to have a future with him?I loved Vin. He is a such a sweet and tender man who loves Eve a lot but confused by her when he noticed how jumpy she is almost every time he touches her. He is so patience trying to make her feel comfortable around him and tell him wot happened that made her the way she is.Eve is a sweet beautiful woman, insecure and i can understand that cause of her past but blind me she was so annoying over thinking all time everything. Not trusting her own brother and Vin to stand by her. Even almost at the end of the book she didn't trusted Vin thinking he will believe wot is worse out of her.I liked this book, was a good read with an emotional story that touches me all the time thinking many women's goes thru this kind situation.Review posted at http://romanceisoursecretpleasure.blogspot.co.uk/