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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) - Ella Frank 5 EXQUISITE, AMAZING AND HEARTBREAKING STARSTHIS IS NOT A REVIEW, THIS IS JUST ME RUMBLING HOW I FELT ABOUT THIS BOOK.I JUST WANT TO START BY SAYING HOW STUPID I WAS FOR NOT READING THIS BOOK TILL NOW. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE. I REALLY COULD BITCH SLAP MY SELF RIGHT NOW. BUT NEVER MIND THAT I'VE FINALLY DONE IT SO LET'S GETS GET BACK TO THE BOOK.THIS BOOK IS UTTERLY FUCKING FANTASTIC,I STRUGGLE RIGHT NOW TO FIND THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WILL THINK I WON'T FIND THEM CAUSE PROBABLE THEY DON'T EXIST.The first word that pops in into my mind to describe this book is justYes i know i am not very original, SO WHAT i still can't think just yet, my brain feels like Exquisite is the first book in the series with the same name by Ella Frank and i am blown away how much i loved it. But enough about me and how i felt about it, let's just meet the amazing characters of this book.Mason Nathan Langley is one of the most wanted bachelor of Chicago, a HOT, SEXY, EXQUISITE, ALPHA MALE who owns his won restaurant with the name EXQUISITE how else. Dr. Magdalena O'Donnell alias Lena,The Queen Bitch, Pants Suit is a pediatric medic, a beautiful brunette with amazing green eyes but with a past full of guilt, she tries to carry on with her life thinking that's wot she deserves till a certain "gentleman" appears in her life and starts to tore down her protective walls.And now let's meet Lena and Mason. I am not quite sure i will make justice to the characters but that's how i imagine them. Lena MasonFrom the first page this book captivated me, made me laugh, put tears into my eyes, turned me on, all the perfect ingredients to get me addicted and not be able to put it down till i finish it.The chemistry between Mason and Lena is off the charts and they dialogs were so exceptional. This book it's just to damn well written. It's been ages since i enjoyed reading a book that much. I just read this book the 3 time and i still don't have an idea how to write a review good enough for this book.