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The Stillness Of You (Beautifully Damaged)

The Stillness of You - Julie Bale 4 damaged and heartbreaking starsI quite liked this book, a beautiful story that felt very real, and i love to read this kind of book with a story line so close to reality nd do intense.I really got so engrosed and sucked into this book that i didn't wanted to end. I felt the raw and painful feelings Georgia was going thru and i absolutely love and adore Ben.He is so awesome with Georgia and sticks with her even after he finds out about her past and how damaged she is. The love scenes were so Hot, sexy, sweet and intense.Almost the perfect book. My only issue with this book was how much Georgia was living in her head, and not having the courage to speak openly with Ben about her sickness and her past but overall a good read with a beautiful story and i look forward to read the next instalment from this series.