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Midnight Secrets: The Wildefire Series

Midnight Secrets  - Ella Grace 4 Stars Midnight Secrets is the first book from the Wildfire Series by Ella Grace. The series presents us with the stories of 3 sisters: Savannah, Samantha, and Sabrina Wilde who lives has been destroyed after they parents death 18 years ago that has been classified as murder-suicide and they trying to carry on with they lives being brought up by they grandad. In the first book we have presented the story of Savannah Wilde the most quiet, serious and shy of the 3 of them who buried her had in books and concentrated at school after the death of her parents. The book begins with the murder of they parents, the senior prom of the girls before graduation and Savannah's crushed on Zach Tanner the wild bad boy that doesn't end up well at all. Than the book takes us 10 years later when Savannah is a successful assistant prosecuting attorney who is forced to take a holiday by her boss after a gang threatens her and she decides to go back to Midnight. The first person she runs into is no one else than the police chief, Zack Turner her childhood crush who decides to do everything possible to get her back. But Savannah has stumbled on a big secret around her parents death and she will do anything to discover the truth. I really liked this book, good story and a good plot. The beginning was amazing and intriguing and the story had me captivated almost the whole length of the book with some exception when the story was going very slowly. I definitely look forward to the second book of this series and if you like a good contemporary romance book you will be happy with this one. ARC courtesy to Random House Publishing Group and Net Galley