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Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley 5 Massive StarsOwn The Wind is the first book from Kristen Ashley latest series The Chaos and a carry on from the Dream Man Series as Ka said she couldn't say good bye to them yet and she had to find a way to still have them around.Own The Wind is as well the first book published by KA thru a publish company. I have to admit when Ka announced that she signed with GCP i had my doubts, i thought they will change her style and that her stories they won't be the same and i was deadly wrong, KA rocked as usual and like 99% of the time she never disappoint me with her stories.I adored and loved this book, no author writes a better biker book like she does and i did try others but they never compared with her. I think i should say no author compares with KA in my opinion, as she is definitely my fave.Own The Wind is the story of "Shy" Cage Parker and "Tabby" Tabitha Allen, Tack's daughter which we meet them for the first time in [bc:Motorcycle Man|13448656|Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337615202s/13448656.jpg|18968802].Cage is the typical KA alpha male, hot, the bad boy biker, good locking and a hot temper who sometimes runs his mouth and does stupid things with out thinking.Tabby is a stunning beautiful, smart with lots of sassiness who is been thru lots of things, got hurt many times and in special by Cage when he runs his mouth away but knows to give it back as good as any biker babe even if she is still very young.When they finally come together, they relationship it's a strong one, yes they fight cuz Cage likes to throw his weight around and tries to protect her and Tabby cuz she is Tabby and likes to give it back as good as she gets it. The loves scenes are so Fucking Hot and enuff said bout it, they just typical Ka and every1 who read Ka before they will know wot that means.Cage can be an ass but he can also be so sweet. "I have never, not once, not in my life, made love to any woman.Not once.Not until what i just did with you." "I had you up against the headboard, baby, but that was not fucking and it came natural. It's what we we have. i didn't know that's what I'd get but I'm pleased as fuck you gave it to me. That alone answers your why when it comes to the us part. As for why it’s you, I don’t know, I don’t care. It just is. It could be ’cause you’re gorgeous. It could be ’cause you’re funny. It could be cause I like the way you handled Pete when he lost his daughter. It could be ’cause you and me got Chaos in common, it’s us, it’s in our blood and this was meant to be. It could be ’cause I like the way you are with your family. It could be ’cause you get off on bein’ on the back of my bike almost as much as I get off straddling it. I figure it’s all that and more. I am not gonna analyze it. I’m gonna feel it cause I like it and that’s all there is to it.” This is my version of CageHis awesome hot bikeAnd this is sweet sexy TabbyAs usual Ka let's me speechless as it happens with every single of her book and with no many words to describe them.If you haven't read this book you have to get to it ASAP. You won't be disappointed.A massive thank you to Hachette Book Group, GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING and Net Galley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. It was a pleasure.This review has been posted at http://romanceisoursecretpleasure.blogspot.co.uk/