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Shades of Gray: A KGI Novel

Shades of Gray (KGI, #6) - Maya Banks 4 starsShades of grey is the six book of this series and probably it was the book i was looking forward to but at the and i was a bit disappointed and i can quite put my finger in it why.I absolutely love P.J. story very intense and dark with so much pain that any woman shouldn't go thru: drugged to be raped and cut for a man perversion cuz he was a impotent and that's how he could get off. I knew that she would be a bad ass character but i didn't see this coming.I was shocked i said to fucking way, this is not happening, in special when Cole and the team was listening. I loved 3/4 of the book this was going so good Cole was so kind and careful with her and all the Kelly clan helping her to go thru. But the end lacked something and maybe it's to soon after i read the book and i can't put my finger on it yet. By reading this book I opened some wounds which i thought i closed them years ago and for this reason i don't read this kind of book.We have to admire MB for writing this book, i can't imagine how hard it was for her but as usual she done to perfection.