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Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2) - Nicole Edwards 4 StarsI've read this book last weekend on my way to Norfolk. And let's say that being stuck in traffic for 7.5 hours i wasn't bored at all. Having my fill of Starbucks, my fags and this awesome hot book so i actually don't know when the time has passed. I read this book in one go and no surprise there stuck in the car not having anything else to do.I must admit it was a bit harder to get into this book but eventually i really got into it. Zane and V are truly awesome characters. I loved Zane he really is an alpha male and i really had doubts reading this book as Zane is really my ultimate fave character from a dif book but this name is some were up in rankings for me and i did not want to be annoyed and kill my joy. But lucky for me that did not happened. I was really surprised how much i enjoyed this book and i can tell you that the main reason i liked it was the m/m sex scenes. I REALLY LOVE TO READ SOME GOOD SEX BETWEEN 2 MAN, and with so much talk about some other m/m couples going around was even better. V has really gone on my nerves at the beginning of the book. She is exactly the type of female character i don't like. Over thinking everything and going around the bent like no ones business but at some point way to late for my liking she wake up. Thank fuck for that. Overall this book is a really good read with lots of hot sex for every type: m/f, m/f/m, m/m and very sexy not with all types of kinky. I truly enjoyed and i am looking forward to the next book in this series Travis which is an m/m book. And hopefully just 2 man involved with no female. I know i LOVE my m/m books in special if they good ones.My thanks to my very dear friend Isa for keep going at me to read this books. I'll give you this one. :)