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The Proposal

The Proposal - Katie Ashley I must admit i never thought i will enjoy the second book from this series as much as i did. In the first book i felt that something was missing but the second books was really good. Katie Ashley did a very good job.With a fear from the past Aidan is scared to have a commitment relationship with Emma and after he messed up big time begs her forgiveness and does all in his power to win her back, in special when in Emma life's appears the handsome Dr Pesh Nadeen when his dad is rushed up to the hospital.But Emma is not ready to forgive Aidan and he has to work hard to win her back and she doesn't make it easy for him.It was nice to see how Aidan works his butt off to win Emma back and how sweet and cute he can be and reveals the real man he can be.I was even more surprised when Emma reveals her sassiness, flirtiness and how playful she can be. I enjoyed how they relationship develops after they got back together.I really enjoyed this book it's a bit different than other books i read lately and i am happy that i gave it a chance.Well done Katie.