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Agent of Desire (Jessica Booker, #1) - Charlie Evans Agent of Desire is the debut novel of the author Charlie Evans. A good story, a good plot and lots of twist that i never saw them coming.Jessica Booker is a new CIA agent on her second mission in Paris, waiting for her handler to receive the details for this assignment. When the handler appears to be the one and only Sims her sexy instructor during her training she is caught off guard, and to make matters even worse, her new target is a sexy french man Geoffrey Pinot. While she was working at her new assignment everything goes to pieces and when a second handler Lincoln appears in the situation Jessica will have to prove how good she is at her job and more.I liked this book, well written with a good story, amazing plot and lots of twist that kept me waiting and thinking wot is coming up next. My only problem with this book was the way Jessica was reacting to the men around her and how quick she was ready to jump in bed with them. I didn't find no connection or chemistry between her or any of the man's in special Geoffrey.I had a hard time thinking how should i rate this book so i decided to give 4 stars instead of 3 how i decided initially. The story and the plot were to good to rate this as 3 stars.Many thanks to Charlie Evans for providing me with a copy in exchange for a honest review.