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The Guy Next Door - Victoria Dahl, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan This review is for Ready, Set, Jett by Lori FosterFull review3.5 starsI have mixed feelings bout this book, i had it 4 a while but i never found the time for this series.I really really loved Jett he is awesome, sweet, good locking, a totally alfa male and bad ass ex FBI and P.I. in present.Natalie is a school teacher, cute, very skittish cuz of her back ground, coming from a rich family with a dad which expected perfection from her and her sister Molly and her mom which commits suicide when she was little.They meet in the lobby of the building they are neighbours and after months of flirting they jump each other bones and they can't get enough of each other but Jett dosen't understand why Natalie dosen't want's more from him and why she is quite happy with relation based purely on sex so he scoops in her past and finds out about her father and he is not surprised so he decide to find out more from her by tying her to the bed and drive her crazy with sex and to ask whatever he wants to know.I loved this scene OMG it was hot, not pain just purely pleasure and asking question and getting the answers by driving her crazy. In this way he finds out bout her ex which he wanted her money not her and that's way she dosen't wants to get involved again and she dosen't says teh truth bout her. Till in the end Jett convince Natalie to give a chance to they relation and see were it's going and after a night of pleasure they set for a 10 day holiday to discover more bout each other.In they way to Tennessee they get caught in a snow storm and almost having an accident Jett discovers that he loves Natalie wants the same thing nothing else.In my opinion Jett made this book he is sexy, charming, witty and can make her laugh and drives her crazy any time of the day. Makes Natalie comfortable something which is unusual for her in a relation with another man and sex was never the same for her.He is the one who push her to take a risk and try to have more than a fling, he is the one who confess first that he loved her and many others first.Even if the book had some lacking was a fun read.