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Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1)

Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards I had really hie hopes for this book but unfortunately it wasn't wot i expected. For me it's like the writing it's the same for every single book just dif subject and all it happens it's sex, sex and more sex. No actually plot or a good subject. Don't get me wrong the sex scenes were good but i could not find the chemistry between the characters and the phrase "Come for me" it's really going on my nerves and some of the sex scenes are really OTT. I said many times before, even if it's fiction the authors this days takes it to further from reality and that's sad. Even if i like a book to have good sex scenes i prefer to actually have a plot and a good subject. Not everything it's about sex. Rant over LOL